Mobile Landline Numbers Are
Landline Numbers For Your Mobile

We sell landline phone numbers that can divert calls to your mobile phone, landline, office or home.

With our mobile landline number you can receive or make calls on your mobile from landline numbers sourced from over 5000 local UK area exchanges.

Every geographic landline area is available, most are displayed within our local area and landline number pages, however, if you can’t find the number or area that you prefer listed, please telephone our Mobile Landline specialists and we’ll provide you with the area code numbers you need.

How Do Mobile Landline Numbers Work?

Mobile Landline Numbers divert callers directly to your mobile, Landline, Office or Home.

Smart Numbers are slightly different, in that we only use BT or Cable & Wireless for diverting to mobile numbers. These are the UK's biggest Tier 1 networks which means you are guaranteed reliability and call quality.

We charge you a very small set up fee and there is no contract, just a rolling monthly agreement. Use of the number is billed via a mobile number or landline discounted call plans, as seen above.

With a massive range of call management features included, we recommend talking to us before you decide!

Will A Mobile Landline Work On Any Mobile?

Yes. You don’t need to change your mobile or mobile number to receive calls from our Mobile Landline Numbers.

You can port your mobile number, change your mobile contract or provider and the Landline number will remain yours & active without disruption.

What Landline Numbers Are Available?

We provide 01 & 02 phone numbers from every UK local area code, you can view & buy most on this website from the area & code lists above.

We also provide numbers directly off ALL BT local exchanges across the UK, so if you want a Landline Number for your Mobile (or business) from a particular area with-in a region, for example: 0207 Central London number from the Chelsea area, please call us to find out what’s available.

Can I Keep My Existing Landline Number?

You can move existing landline mobile numbers and convert home or business numbers that are currently installed and not being used.

If you are moving home, you can take your numbers with you – we can convert them or re-install them to a new property – ANYWHERE IN THE UK!

Interested? We're happy to talk you through the Mobile Landline Number service, features and discounted deals before you decide.

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