Call Recording (Outbound Calls) Easily record any calls you make

Call Recording (Outbound Calls)

Outbound Call Recording

  • Free To Set Up
  • £19.95 per month, per number (capped at £99.95 maximum for unlimited numbers)

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Call Recording for outbound dialling without the need for onsite equipment or engineering.

Call Recording on your Smart Numbers ensures quality of call handling is developed, customer claims can be verified, lead quality can be assessed & you can identify / reward role model behaviors within your team.

Functionally rich portal for playback

Network based, world class technology means your inbound Smart Numbers can record all calls without the need to purchase or install expensive telephony equipment.

Our system instantly records the dialogue, saves it as a sound file (.wav) and delivers it either to a designated email within seconds of the conversation finishing or
directly into an online storage facility to which you have 24/7 access.

We provide a functionally rich portal for playback, you can search for recordings by date, time, Smart Numbers, the caller number and even categorise the extraction of recordings by length of calls.

We have pioneered call recording for those clients who may want to make outbound calls that require recording.

You simply dial a number on the Smart system, which then presents a dialling tone and invites you to dial a number. When the call is answered both parties are connected and recording will commence.

Unlimited extensions from your office can dial in at the same time enabling multi-recording simultaneously - avoiding the need for your people to be 'off the phone'!

Calls are delivered to an email or stored on your call recording playback portal as per the inbound solution.
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