Call Statistics & Campaign Management

Call Statistics and Campaign Management

Call Statistics Call Stats

  • Free To Set Up
  • Standard Service is £1.95 p/mth for unlimited numbers
  • Enhanced Service is £1.95 p/mth per number (capped at £19.95 max. charge)

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Fast and easy to use, every number can be named and also allocated into groups to track response activity across multiple parameters such as offices, regions, media type and so on.

We include valuable data, such as missed/engaged calls, call traffic by day of the week and hourly segments of every day. Caller locations, answering destinations, the time taken to answer calls and much, much more are also recorded.

Tools are provided which power real time data on the performance of your advertising. You can view results in graphs and tables, quick print data for informal meetings or download to excel to merge in to your own management report.

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Key benefits

  • Track every enquiry to your business
  • Easy campaign management tools
  • Find out your return on investment

Existing customers log in to see your call stats.

Standard Service

Fast and Easy to Use. One page of scrollable information.

  • Updated every 24 hours.
  • Name numbers for easier on-going monitoring.
  • Group numbers to represent adverts, media type, regions, branches etc.
  • Track Answered, Unanswered and Engaged calls to increase your opportunities and reduce missed leads.
  • Monitor calls into your business by groups and numbers for DAYS OF THE MONTH, DAYS OF THE WEEK and by HOUR OF THE DAY to help predict workflow and ensure call demand is planned for.

Enhanced Service – including Campaign Management

This is an interactive portal that works with you and also changes with you, depending on the nature of products being promoted, the territory you are serving and changing economic situations.

All functionality from the STANDARD SERVICE carried forward with advanced facilities to ensure every advertising campaign is monitored, every call is counted and value to your business is assessed:

  • Cost per enquiry
  • Enquires per every £1,000 of advertising spend
  • Profit / Revenue projection for every call into the business
  • Return on Investment - Campaign and marketing comparisons

Itemise the calls into your business, including:

  • The Smart Number dialled.
  • The Date and Time of the call.
  • The callers own number - in full.
  • The location of the where the call was made.
  • Callers from mobiles are tracked to network level.
  • The location and receiving number of where the call was answered.
  • The time taken to answer the call.

The whole reporting suite is downloadable to Excel, where you can compare the cost of calls for campaigns, review monthly performance and identify potential areas for growth, emerging / declining markets and new business opportunities.

Quick print options to run summaries for meetings, should you need key information quickly.

Graphs and attractive data representations are also provided.

Contact us for a more detailed review of how this can help and influence the decisions you make in promoting your business.

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We understand the importance of every phone call to your business, which is why Smart Numbers offers the most comprehensive call management solutions in the UK.

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