Call Announcement / Whisper Find out where the call is from before you answer

Call Announcement / Whisper

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Call Whisper AnnouncementA whisper or call announcement is made to your ear just before the call is connected, which the caller can’t hear. They continue to hear the ringing tone until the whisper finishes, then the call is live.

You can be told if the origin of the call is from a specific advert, directory, magazine or location.

This ensures whichever destination answers the call is prepared to answer in the most effective way possible…

  • Free To Set Up
  • £4.95 per month, per number (capped at £45.95 maximum charge Per 50 numbers)

You may be running multiple businesses with different Smart Numbers in use and need the call identified to ensure you answer appropriately.

People running businesses from home can identify work calls before answering, enabling a professional approach for that all important first impression.

Calls answered after going to mobiles, international or multi destination routing still hear the whisper.

Whisper is an incredible service that we are happy to set up for a FREE trial.

Want this feature? First choose a phone number

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