Five Reasons Your Business Needs An 0800 Number

0800 numbers are used by businesses of all sizes across the UK from start-ups to large national companies. However, small to medium sized businesses will often find themselves challenging to compete with these larger companies for the same target audience- this is where 0800 numbers can help. 0800 numbers for businesses are the perfect means to evening the playing field as well as providing a wide range of other benefits. Here we will be breaking down our top five reasons why your business needs an 0800 number in 2020.

National Presence

As mentioned, SME’s often struggle to compete for the same target audience as larger, more nationally recognised companies. 0800 numbers can help even this playing field and provide all businesses with the chance to win customers. As 0800 numbers are non-geographical, they are the perfect solution to promoting your business as operating across the UK. Not only will you be able to expand your customer base, this national presence will also help to improve your business’ credibility and allow you to appear more professional.


0800 numbers can quickly become a business’ most powerful marketing tool if used correctly. A memorable 0800 number will not only set you apart from competitors, but it will see your call enquiries drastically increase. Over the years we have seen many companies utilise memorable 0800 numbers such as the infamous Hastings Direct advert with its infectious 0800 00 1066 jingle. This is arguably one of the best uses of an 0800 number, not only using a number relevant to the brand but also providing their customers with an easy way to remember it.

Increase Call Volume

According to research by Invoca, 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone vs. only 24% who prefer to fill out an online form. Since June 2015, 0800 numbers have been free to call from all UK phones including mobiles which has increased the number of customers who feel that they can trust and contact a company with an 0800 number. As an 0800 number allows you to advertise yourself nationally, you will no longer be restricted to your local area. Your business will be much farther reaching and have the opportunity to service areas that you previously could not reach with a single local prefix number.

Never Change Your Number

Unlike with traditional landline numbers, there are no lengthy set ups or waiting around for an engineer with a Smart Numbers 0800 number. 0800 numbers are virtual numbers which are diverted directly to the landline or mobile number you provide, but best of all, this can be changed at any time. Whether you have changed your number, added a member to your team or bought a new phone, you simply provide Smart Numbers with the new number for the 0800 number to be linked to.

Customer Care

The Henley Research Centre says that 68% of people feel that companies who offer Freephone numbers care more about their customers. Customers instinctively see an 0800 freephone number as a sign that a company wants their business and willing to remove the stress and cost of the call for their custom. 0800 numbers automatically encourage calls and present you business as a well-established enterprise where someone will always be waiting to answer your customer’s call.

According to Google’s ‘Click to Call’ research, 59% of customers prefer to call because they want a quick answer, whilst 57% call as they want to talk to a real person. 0800 numbers provide your customers with a free and easy way of contacting you whilst helping you to take the next step in growing your business.

At Smart Numbers we offer a large variety of 0800 numbers that we can link to your home, office, mobile or even overseas number. We can provide an extensive range of call management features included with your 0800 number which can be discussed with a member of our team.

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