How it works How do virtual landlines work?

How do virtual numbers work?

Choosing Your Smart Number

Perhaps the most important decision you make is choosing the right type of Virtual Landline 01/02, 03 or 0800 number. Remember this is likely to be the telephone number you have for the lifetime of your business and you're likely to spend thousands on marketing it, so it's important to get it right.

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Receiving Inbound Calls to Your Mobile Phone

Your Smart Number works very simply. When anyone calls your virtual number, they won’t know that it is being diverted to you, it will ring normally. You will see the callers number on your mobile or app, answer the call as you would if they’d called your mobile direct. Divert calls to:
  • Your mobile
  • Multi Mobiles
  • App – MobeX
  • Another Landline
  • Our 24-7 Live Call Centre

Call Features

Many of our customers feel it's important to create the right impression when the customer first calls. Many of the following features help to show they are a genuine business.

  • IVR/Auto Attendant – Welcome to XXXX, press 1 for, 2 for etc
  • Whisper – announces the call to you, so you can answer every call in your company name
  • Reception service – oour 24-7 live call answering service will mop any missed calls
  • Hunt group – great when you have a number of people who can answer your calls.
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Outbound Virtual Landline

Outbound Calling from your Smart Number

With your Smart Numbers you can make a call from your mobile or via your Mobex app whilst presenting your Smart Number to the customer, even though you’re calling from your mobile. How cool is that! In fact you can make outbound calls from:
  • Mobile phones, up to 10 users
  • Home phones
  • Office phones
  • Mobex App
  • Desk IP phones
  • Even make calls from abroad

Need Help?

We understand organising connectivity and communication for your business can seem daunting. Talk to our helpful team to bring together the best choice of numbers, call solutions and connections for your business. Call 24-7.

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Why Smart Numbers has connected over 500,000 numbers in the UK.

  • Add credibility to your business
  • Show customers you're local or national
  • Memorable numbers in all UK areas
  • Call routing solutions to manage your calls
  • Use a single phone for EVERYTHING!
  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • Numbers connected in 1-3 hrs
  • All UK area codes
  • Over 4000 international numbers
  • 5 Star Google & Trustpilot Reviews
  • Comms Business Award Finalists
  • Tier 1 carrier & BT IPEX networks
  • No contracts
  • 24-7 Support
  • Real time call stats
  • Feature rich call features
  • Established 2005