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Types of Cookie

Session cookies only exist until you close your browser and end the current browsing session. Session cookies are never written on the hard drive. Permanent cookies (also called persistent or stored cookies) store a text file on your computer that exists until the cookie expires (persistent cookies are set with expiration dates) or until the user deletes the cookie.

How to manage cookies

All webs browsers allow you to control cookies by accepting and rejecting all cookies or certain types of cookie. Instructions for the most popular browsers are below:

Google Chrome

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Internet Explorer

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Are cookies dangerous?

They are not dangerous to your computer in any way, they are not executable programmes, viruses or code and cannot read information that exists on your computer. Cookies are also not a threat to privacy as they only store information that you volunteered to that particular website anyway.

Why are people concerned?

The major concern with cookies is that of third party cookies (a cookie is issued by a site other than the one you are currently surfing, maybe by an advertisement on that website) or tracking cookies which can be used to record peoples browsing histories. This is causing concerns over privacy as people do not want it recorded what they have been looking at. Cookies can only be accessed by a website with the specified domain and path.

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