Call Wallboards View vital call data in real time

Smart wallboard

What is a Wallboard?

Nothing beats the ability to see what’s going on, who is on the phone, how many live calls you have. Which is why we have developed the Smart Wallboard.

This bespoke development can be tailored to your business requirements, from simple view of live channels to more complex sales agent and call centre phone system wallboards.

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Real time view of phone calls

Smart VoIP has developed a range of real time wallboards that can display all vital call data from your Smart VoIP hosted telephone system, enabling you to manage your calls more effectively than ever before.

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Sales agent and call centre wallboards

Ideal for businesses who need to track the performance of their telesales and customer service staff.

Why not utilise our unique and interactive wallboards from Smart VoIP to provide real time call information?

We have a number of configuration options to suit your business needs with inbound and outbound call tallies per agent, plus average call time and idle times.

This data easily enables you to identify your top performers, or those who might require additional training.

Where do you view your sales agent calls?

Wallboards are provided as a simple web URL with secure login, so they can be easily displayed on as many individual devices as required.

This means you can be anywhere with an internet connection and see what is happening live.

Lots of existing customers use our wallboards to create some friendly competition within their sales teams, with the information displayed on a large screen on the sales floor. They find that it motivates the team, as no one wants to be bottom of the leader board!

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Company wallboard

A company wallboard is for you if you want to see:

  • A clear, concise real-time tally of calls made and received by the entire team
  • Live call data showing the incoming or outgoing numbers and durations

Telephone calls are the life blood of most businesses and ensuring your calls are made and handled effectively is a vital part of ensuring your business success.

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