Tree Surgeons
Based in Middlesex

The Scenario

Barry runs a Domestic and Commercial Tree Surgeon business specialising in large tree removal. They have contracts with several local authorities to maintain the local highways and respond to emergency calls to clear fallen trees.

Tree surgeonThey are based in a semi-rural location on the Middlesex and Buckinghamshire border, occupying a large site with storage yard and recycling facility.

They had no fixed line telephony when they moved in. Calls to their main business number which was located at their previous business address were being forwarded to mobile phones.

Barry had approached BT directly to arrange the installation of fixed telephone lines but had waited over 6 weeks for a response before being recommended to Smart VoIP by his website provider.

The Solution

Through our wholesale contacts at BT Openreach we arranged a site survey and installation including an additional telegraph pole on the road leading to the yard in half this time.

Due to the distance from the local BT exchange and the poor broadband coverage at the time we recommended an onsite PBX with two analogue lines initially to ensure a robust and reliable telephone service. A third line was installed for ADSL to give access to emails and the web.

Our engineers installed a Toshiba phone system with two extensions and a bespoke Music-on-Hold message with seasonal sales information.

For more information give us a call on 0345 0178 179

BT Openreach
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