10 Reasons to Choose Smart Numbers For Your UK Phone Number


Smart Numbers has connected more than 500,000 phone numbers in the UK, working with all types of start-ups, SMEs and large-scale companies.

It has never been more important to find a trusted and well-established communications company that will enable you to start, change or grow your business.

Many customers’ operations expand quickly, leading them to demand a more advanced set-up.

Virtual landlines give to you the flexibility and freedom you need, something many service providers fail to offer. Here are 10 reasons to choose Smart Numbers for your UK phone number:

0800 numbers

With research concluding that providing an 0800 freephone number to callers can increase inquiries by as much as 175 per cent, it is easy to make the case it’s a worthy investment.

Smart Numbers offer a wide range for you to choose from that not only helps to grow your business but will also improve customer satisfaction.

Ours is also a quick and simple set-up process.

No obligations, No Contracts

At Smart Numbers we understand situations change, which is why don't provide any contracts.

You choose what is best for you.

Local phone numbers

Smart Numbers understand the importance of local prefix numbers to your customers which is why we offer a wide range of local UK phone numbers.

No matter where you’re based, you can choose a virtual number with a prefix for a chosen area so clients think they are calling an office based in their town while being directed to your mobile.

London phone numbers

We offer a range of virtual London 020 numbers to help grow your business wherever you’re based.

By using one, you can avoid expensive rent prices in the centre of the capital while encouraging customers to feel more comfortable dialling a number in that area.

Professional appearance

Using a regular mobile number can deter customers from calling your business, which is why we are pleased to offer a range of virtual options.

Whether you want an 0800 freephone number to gives the illusion of operating nationwide or simply a number that will help present your business in a more professional light, Smart Numbers will find a solution that best suits your needs.

Flexible working

We don’t believe in sitting in the office all day being tied to a landline in case a customer rings.

With our virtual landline system, you’ll be able to grow your business from anywhere in the world, answering and making calls at times that suit you without having to worry about missing a potential lead.

Port existing numbers

Nobody wants to change their business numbers, especially when its listed in countless places online or on a business card.

At Smart Numbers, we can port your existing number to a virtual landline to not only help you save money on line rental but to also to create a modern, flexible and mobile business communication.

Virtual landline numbers

Virtual landlines are a modern telephony solution for modern businesses.

At Smart Numbers, we are proud to offer customers unlimited virtual landline packages through our Mobex app, which means you can make and receive as many calls as you like, whenever and wherever you are.

Our virtual landlines provide your business will the flexibility and freedom you need to grow.

International Numbers

Smart Numbers can supply great value international phone numbers routed to your landline or mobile phone for as low as £8.95 per month, with minimal set up charge and free minutes.

You grow, we grow

Our team has experience working with businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large-scale operations.

Smart Numbers’ services are designed to grow at the same rate as your business, allowing you to implement new call management features when it suits.

Our commitment

Since we began in 1998, Smart Numbers has been committed above all to customer satisfaction and service quality.

Our team is dedicated to bringing together the best choice of numbers, call solutions and broadband connectivity for your business.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of our telephone and business services then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 0345 0178 179 or email us at info@smart-numbers.net.


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