Number Porting Keep your existing number when you move to Smart Numbers

Port your number to us in 10 days!

We understand the importance and value of keeping your existing telephone number. Switching to Smart Numbers is so easy, we will manage the whole process on your behalf absolutely free of charge.

If you already have a phone number with another provider but would like to transfer it over to Smart Numbers then we can port it across for you.

For more information call us on 0345 0178 179

How do you Port your existing landline number?

Moving your number is different to changing mobile providers and at Smart Numbers we take away the stress to safely manage the porting process on your behalf, avoiding any break in service.

We have agreements with all major telecoms operators so porting your phone number across to us is a really straightforward and seamless process. There is no need to make changes to any hardware and the whole process can be completed quickly with no disruption of service.

Give us a call on 0345 0178 179 and we can start the ball rolling. We will arrange activation of your new account and disconnection of your old one.

Free number cost assessment

Upload your latest number bill and we will be in touch within 24 working hours to tell you how we can save you money on your number bill once you have ported your number(s) over to us.

It’s free, quick and easy and there’s no obligation to switch.

Need Help?

We understand organising connectivity and communication for your business can seem daunting. Talk to our helpful team to bring together the best choice of numbers, call solutions and connections for your business. Call 24-7.

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Switching Landline Number Providers

When moving your existing number to Smart Numbers, often the first feedback we get is how great our porting and customer service is. If you’re looking to change providers, we can help. Some examples of the type of porting work we do.

  • Porting existing virtual 01/02/03 or 08 number
  • Moving business premises into a new exchange
  • Lost your old number – we can get it back
  • Existing provider is unreliable – calls keep dropping
  • Virtual VoIP App doesn’t work
  • One bill – bring all your communication under one provider
  • Safe money – reduce the cost to divert calls
  • Working away from home/office need calls diverted to mobile
  • Current provider doubling bill
  • Current provider closed my number
  • And many, many more porting cases we deal with
Once your existing landline has been ported, you have access to all the smart features to your landline.
Talk to us before you decide the best way to keep your landline number 0345 0178 179

Smart Number VS Smart VoIP

There are a few critical factors to start with that will influence which solution is best for you.

  1. Are you mobile and moving around from customer to customer or spending a lot of your time in 1 fixed location, e.g at home or office that will need stable internet connection.
  2. Then we need to consider overall call volume both inbound and outbound calling volumes will dictate the right call package for your business. Here are just a few differences.

Virtual Smart Number

  • Divert calls to single or multi destinations
  • Divert calls to mobiles, landline and internationally
  • Dial outbound from up to 10 authorised numbers
  • Inclusive call plans to cover the cost of diverting the call to a destination
  • Tier 1 carrier network offering the highest reliability in the UK
  • Call plans to cover the cost of diverting calls
  • Convert into an office number such as VoIP line

Great for trade people or if you spend a lot of your time moving around.

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Smart VoIP Number

  • Unlimited inbound calls to deskphone/softphone/APP
  • Receive calls to single or multi groups
  • Receive calls on MobeX App anywhere in the world
  • Receive calls on a softphone (laptop/pc)
  • Use an IP deskphone or wireless handset
  • BT IPEX carrier network the most reliable IP Network in the UK
  • Easy to move from one office to another
  • Internal and external call transfers

Perfect solution for homeworkers, offices, retail and industrial units

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 numbers for mobile

Smart Numbers App

Making & receiving calls through your Smart Numbers MobeX app is so simple

Easy set up with a free download from the Google or Apple app stores. Make and receive calls through the app.

  • Run your work and private life from a single device
  • Single and multi user applications
  • Available through Smart VoIP
  • Ideal for home workers and those with good 4G
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VoIP  numbers

IP Desk Phones

Hardware office desk phones you can use at home, the office or in industrial units

Smart VoIP IP Deskphones are easy to set up, simply connect up to your broadband and start making & receiving business calls.

  • Create a business line without the need for an engineer visit
  • Single or multi users anywhere in the world
  • Free handset on our Synergy VoIP 2/3 products
  • Perfect for home workers, offices and retail/industrial premises
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