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Smartphone App for your Virtual Landline

VoIP Mobile App

When you love to run your business through one device - YOUR mobile.

Our smart phone app offers you all the benefits you would expect to get from a large office phone system, all built into our specific Smart Phone Virtual Landline App called Mobex. You can make and receive business calls through the mobex app, place callers on hold with comfort music, and even transfer calls between you and your team.

Unlimited Calls

Yep, one of the huge benefits of using Mobex is you can receive and make as many calls as you like* within our unlimited call packages.

All you need is a very good and reliable internet connection such as broadband with wi-fi or 4G/5G. This means you can avoid having a mobile for business and another for personal use, as the app will give you both functionality in the one Smartphone.

DOWNLOAD your app now on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, then call our team to set up your Smart VoIP Hosted Channel.

Smart Virtual Landline App VoIP Packages - click here

Why Use Mobex?

  • Unlimited Calls when Online
  • Receive Business Calls on Your Smart Plan
  • Full phone Features
  • No Contract and Contracted Options
  • Transfer calls Between Multi Users
  • Need to go out – Perfect route calls to your mobile signal

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