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Hosted telephonyOften called Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) or Local BT Exchange Specific Numbers (ESN), these are more than just a local telephone number. They are specific to an area, suburb or borough within a City or Town, forwarding (diverting) the inbound call to an alternative number. Historically before cheap virtual landline numbers become more popular, business owners could only buy BT remote call forwarding numbers, which routed inbound calls to their office or mobile numbers.

Now there is an affordable alternative to BT remote call forwarding numbers

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Smart Numbers Remote Call Forwarding numbers are perfect for any UK or international business looking to have local representation for their marketing. Whether this is online through social media/Google or through traditional print methods such as newspapers or flyers.

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Your Call Forwarding Smart Number comes with cloud platform access, giving your fast and reliable control over how, where and when you want your Smart Number forwarding.

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Multi Remote Call Forwarding numbers

Thousands of our customers work across different towns, cities and in some cases countries. Smart Numbers offers flexible and affordable remote call forwarding numbers - you can select as many numbers as you need to help grow your business.

Keeping Your Existing BT Remote Call Forwarding

Great news, there's no need to change your existing number - in fact we can save you £100’s per year with a simple port of your existing number. If you have an existing BT RCF we would definitely recommend you retain this number rather than replacing it.

It's advisable to keep established BT RCF numbers, as they are likely to be getting calls and, in some cases, have a value beyond the call history by showing you cover specific areas. If you’re still not sure and would like to talk to a specialists, call our friendly team on 0345 0178 179.

Our numbers are carried across the UK's best tier 1 networks

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Smart Numbers offers a range of telephone solutions to keep you connected including landline numbers for mobile, 0800 numbers for business, geographic numbers and much more.

Extensive support and call management included.

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