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Moving Your Phone System, Business Landline Numbers or Telecoms?

VoIP Office MoveSmart Numbers can help you move office phone systems simply.

Our team will help you get set-up with broadband, phone lines and calls as well as bespoke VoIP, SIP or analogue phone systems.

We can cater to any moves within or moving out of your existing exchange – nothing is insurmountable.

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Free number cost assessment

Upload your latest number bill and we will be in touch within 24 working hours to tell you how we can save you money on your number bill once you have transferred your number(s) over to us.

It’s free, quick and easy and there’s no obligation to switch.

Moving office phone systems and numbers checklist

Firstly, DO NOT CANCEL or give notice on your existing lines. If you have already cancelled your existing system, please call us immediately.

Follow the steps below to make your transition as smooth as possible:

  • Leave enough time for moving your office phone system to your new location. We recommend between 2-4 weeks for most small to medium sized businesses.
  • What telecommunications services are you able to have? Provide us with your new address and we can check broadband and line availability (don’t assume you’ll get what you have now)
  • Changing business broadband generally means changing your IP addresses. Order in plenty of time, as you don’t want to move and have no internet!
  • Do leave enough time to fit the correct telecommunications services. Our systems typically take a day to install. Lines and broadband will need installing first to ensure you are live on your move date.

Why choose Smart Numbers for your office move?

In a changing world, whatever your business infrastructure, broadband connectivity or call management, we aim to be your trusted partner and provide the right solution for your business.

Our products are carefully created, and we have interconnection within BT to create a personalised outline of cost, configuration and management.

We offer monthly or fixed term contracted agreements to provide a foundation of complete control.

Moving phone lines the easy way

There are many ways we can help you manage your move:

  • Dedicated 24/7 support – Dedicated office and on-site engineers assign you a point of contact for all your enquiries
  • Traditional phone systems – Smart VoIP are a BT wholesaler, which means we have direct line of site into the BT Openreach network. Giving you support and advice to move easily.
  • Smart VoIP cloud solutions – Choose from a wide range of exciting features on our hosted VoIP cloud telephony. If your business is looking to move office, do consider all the options.
  • Phone lines – Our priority when moving premises is retaining your main business numbers. Often, they have been heavily marketed and therefore important new and former customers can continue to call you. Our next priority is to ensure there is absolutely the minimum amount of disruption or downtime on your service.
  • Broadband – Order in plenty of time to make sure emails and phones work easily. Smart VoIP offer superfast broadband, ADSL, satellite and wifi hot spot broadband for business users.
  • Lower your costs – as well as benefiting from feature rich Smart VoIP solutions, when moving offices, it is a great time to review how you’re using your telephony and internet to restructure your package to suit you.

For a free no obligation quote and to discuss your business move – call us on 0345 0178 179

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