Tracking numbers for online directory "121 Near Me"


121 near me is one of the fastest growing online directories - we currently supply their memorable 0800 number and office phones. Mustafa needed a solution with which to he could demonstrate the value of having a listing on his directory site. One of the ways in which we could help was offering dedicated local numbers for all the directory clients (over 20,000 registered business listings).

Additional supporting information

In our initial conversation, Smart Numbers also introduced the idea of enhanced call stats - methods for customers to know it is a 121 phone lead.

The build/configuration of over 20,000 numbers that require unique functionality was needed.

121 Near Me


  • Smart Numbers – Virtual landlines, 01/02 numbers, with inbound calls diverting to 121 client’s office lines or mobile phones
  • Synergy – which provides:
  • Enhanced call stats, with individual or group call data. For example, 121 can look at inbound calls by area, industry sector or simply one client
  • Whisper/Call Announcement “121 call”
  • Rolling monthly agreement
  • Smart Numbers bulk configuration and live 20k numbers in 1 week.

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