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Abigail was setting up a new recruitment agency in Newcastle. As a startup she wanted to work from home, but didn’t want to use her mobile or home phone number to make and receive calls. She was expecting to make 10-15 calls per day.

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It was important to Abigail that she had a degree of separation at home. Through our initial conversation her home internet speed was good, which meant she had the choice of a traditional Smart Number or Smart VoIP.


The service Abigail went for was Smart VoIP, with unlimited calls, a free handset and broadband extenders. This means Abigail can use her 4th bedroom as a home office, with a dedicated office phone to make and receive calls for her agency.

Additional features she chose were:

  • Call divert – when on client meetings Abigail transfers her office phone to her mobile
  • Department extensions – welcome greeting, press 1, 2
  • Time of day routing
  • Reception service for missed calls
  • On hold comfort music
  • Yealink Handset with Power & Ethernet cables

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