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Adil at London Taxis wanted a memorable 0208 number, having only been quoted 0203 with other providers. Inbound calls divert initially to his mobile as a taxi driver, then once the business grows they will divert to multiple mobile destinations.

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As a single taxi operative, Adil wanted to take every call himself whilst out and about or when completing any airport runs. Whilst in London, his mobile data connection is not reliable, therefore he was concerned about the quality and reliability of the inbound calls. Adil also wanted the facility to be able to make a call from his mobile and present his new memorable Smart Number when calling customers back.


Smart Numbers offers the widest choice of traditional Greater London 0208, Central London 0207 numbers and the more recent 0203 numbers. We also hold memorable platinum numbers, ideal for taxi companies, which Adil choose as specific for his business.

Our services also include agent-ready services that are ideal for multi taxi call handlers. When drivers are available, they switch on the app to receive calls, then switch it off when unavailable.

In addition, outbound and inbound calls can rotate, ensuring each driver gets a fair share of the enquiries. As his business has grown, these services are now in place after his initial order of:

  • 0208 Smart Number diverting to mobile
  • Mobile landline feature
  • Smart Plan with over 1250 minutes to landline
  • Hunt group
  • Time of day routing
  • On demand call recording
  • IVR (press 1 for sales etc.)
  • Sim Ringing
  • Agent Ready
  • Call Rotation

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