Business Landline Numbers on Microsoft Teams

Make and receive calls through teams. Choose from over 600 types of Virtual UK Numbers 01/02 or 03/08 or set up your existing landline number.
Business Landline Numbers on Microsoft Teams

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Landline Number on Microsoft Teams

Yes, you’ve seen this right, you can set up a Smart Number or your existing landline number on Microsoft Teams!

Routing your inbound calls direct into your Microsoft Teams has never been easier, paving the way for a new approach to how businesses receive and make calls. Over the past year, our world has evolved more rapidly than anyone could have predicted. Business have had to adapt their workplaces, how they manage valuable enquiries when a combination of office and remote working has been the “new norm”. Change is becoming an everyday practice as we learn to expect the unexpected.

Although a more flexible approach to home and office working has been bubbling away for some time, the pandemic acted as a catalyst for a more definite shift to hybrid working— forcing businesses to accelerate the changes already in motion.

Across almost every industry, organisations have had to quickly adapt their processes and communications systems to facilitate this change. But why not take it one step further and disrupt the telecoms industry like no company has ever done before?

Business Landline Numbers on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Call – Ground-breaking Call Solutions

Smart Numbers provides a Landline 01/02 number or Freephone & Local Call numbers (0800 & 0345) solution to your Microsoft Teams organisation allowing your users to have a sophisticated phone system in minutes!

Using Microsoft’s Direct Routing solution, you can synchronise your Teams users to be used as destinations within any of your Smart Number services giving you full control of your call flows and all the advanced call manager features.

Simply configure your account, synchronise with your Teams users and you’re ready to go!

Need a New Landline Number on Microsoft Teams?

Choose from over 600 UK area codes or our 0800, 0333 & 0345 numbers. Prices from £9.99 per month plus your Microsoft Teams Licence.

  • Unlimited Calls to UK Landline & Mobile – Saving you £100’s pm
  • Main numbers & Direct dials available
  • Receive and Make Calls Anywhere in the World
  • Present your business landline when outbound calling
  • UK Ringtone Anywhere in the World
  • Market Leading Call Management Features
  • Online Control Panels
  • Call recording
  • Agent Ready Features
Make outbound phone calls Microsoft Teams

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