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What is a Pocket Landline?

Alternative to O2 Pocket Landline‘Pocket Landline’, also known as call forwarding, is a process by which an incoming telephone call to a landline number is routed to your mobile. Business can have a fixed landline number routed to any mobile, giving the flexibility whilst on the move and more importantly making sure that no important calls are being missed. A recent survey carried out indicates that 80% of businesses miss one to five calls a day by being out of the office when the phone rings. Even when calls to mobiles are missed, voicemails and emails can be stored.

For small businesses, having a landline number is important, it looks more professional and customers prefer to call landline numbers that are local and established and helps increase credibility. Pocket Landline allows you to expand your business into new areas without the costs and the risk of taking on new premises and additional staff.

A Pocket Landline is a great way to promote your business and improves customers perception with the added benefit of saving money.

Why Choose a Landline For Mobile From Smart Numbers?

The Smart Numbers Mobile Landline is a feature rich, reliable and cost effective alternative to the Orange Pocket Landline or EE pocket landline product.

You can bring your existing Pocket Landline to us, use your home or business landline number or simply select from our own numbers (found below) to receive and make calls on your mobile using a landline number.

We have a variety of specialist apps that can be added to your Smart Pocket Landline to enhance your call handling and management of business calls.

A key benefit of using Smart Numbers is that your landline will always be yours – it doesn’t matter which mobile network or handset you use, your pocket landline will not be tied to an Orange or EE contract giving you’re access to the very best and latest mobile deals across all the networks.

To discuss the Smart Pocket Landline in more detail, please call 0345 0178 179 from your mobile – (it’s free, covered by your inclusive minutes).

Incoming Calls - The Facts About our Service

  • No Credit Checks, No Contracts – just simple, rolling monthly agreements.
  • Divert to mobile, landline and international phones – we only use BT or Cable & Wireless Tier 1 telecom networks for guaranteed quality.
  • Phone Numbers are initially built by us rather than leaving you to try and do it! We are also happy to carry out any call management requests for free too.
  • We provide you with a dedicated web portal for free, if requested, where you can control the routing and management of your numbers and APPs, many of which are included free of charge in our latest discounted call plans along with free incoming calls.
  • Bespoke Agreed Rates can be negotiated – Call 0345 0178 179 (option 1) to discuss your needs.
  • Live Call Answering now available on all discounted call plans – a real live person answering your calls, supporting your business from as little as 69 pence per call
  • An easy to use & revealing call stats package comes free with every Smart Number, evaluate call response to avoid missed opportunities and increase returns from advertising. Demo available.
  • Per second billing. Every call itemised to 100th of a penny accuracy.

Reasons to Buy Mobile Landline Numbers

  • 80% of the things we buy are within a 10 mile radius of where we live or work. Advertise a local area geographic number and get connected with your target market.
  • 77% of people prefer to call a local area code number close to where they live, than any other type of number. By presenting relevant, local area numbers on your website, business cards, letters and advertising, you are likely to connect with your target market and receive more calls.
  • Local phone numbers are available for every town, city and county across the UK. We can help you.
  • These are "Virtual numbers", meaning no extra phones, lines or equipment are needed – they deliver calls to your mobile or landline regardless of your underlying network.
  • Smart Numbers are for life, not tied to a physical line or premise – you can move them to different destinations as often as you like.
  • Port Numbers to us and they can be included on your discounted call plan for as little as 92 pence per month.
  • Port Numbers away from us, should you wish to leave us yet retain the number.

Making Calls - Displaying Your Mobile Landline as the Caller ID

Our latest product development allows you to make calls from your Mobile Landline Number as well as receive them.

  • You selectively dial out from your mobile landline number, we overwrite or "Mask" your phone's actual caller id with that of your Smart Number.
  • The calls you make to mobile or UK landlines are included free with in our discounted call plans.
  • We don't ask you to change your mobile phone or network provider, you still keep your mobile number and we don't want you to change your SIM either - Both your personal 07 mobile number and your Mobile Landline from Smart Numbers work seamlessly together.
  • It's simple and easy to use, no additional technology required – simply press a key to activate the product before a call.
  • Create contacts or speed dials on your existing handsets for calls you want to make regularly.

Why Make Calls Using The Mobile Landline Number?

Following a survey of 2000 UK consumers, assessing how they would respond to calls from certain number types, the following information was found:

  • 71% were unlikely or would not answer a call from a withheld or unfamiliar number.
  • 75% said they would or were more likely to answer a call from a local geographic number.

By overwriting or masking your mobile or home number with your business number as your caller ID, you are more likely to be answered. It is a more trusted number and hopefully familiar to those new or prospective clients that you are calling.

When calling someone's mobile, it is likely they will save your "Calling From" number to their contacts. If you are setting up a Smart Number for your incoming calls, taking advantage of our incoming call management products, presenting your Mobile Landline will keep calls coming in to your main/managed business numbers rather than on a private mobile, which could be turned off, out of signal or just not a convenient time to talk.

Need Help?

We understand organising connectivity and communication for your business can seem daunting. Talk to our helpful team to bring together the best choice of numbers, call solutions and connections for your business. Call 24-7.

0345 0178 179

Helpful Call Management Solutions

We understand the importance of every phone call to your business, which is why Smart Numbers offers the most comprehensive call management solutions in the UK.

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Live Telephone Answering Service

Calls answered from 86p per minute

One of our most popular features is our live call answering service, in which your calls are answered by expert UK call handlers 24-7.

We offer from a simple call mop up for any calls you miss through to a full reception and appointment booking service. Giving you peace of mind that there will always be someone at the end of your business line to take your next big opportunity.

There's no contract – so give it a go

Mobile Landline

Make a business call from your mobile & present your Smart Number

We can present your virtual landline number instead of your mobile number when you make a call.

  • No need to show your mobile number to clients
  • Manage your business through one number
  • Add this valuable feature when selecting your number
  • Ideal for users who are on the move a lot
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Smart Numbers App

Making & receiving calls through your Smart Numbers MobeX app is so simple

Easy set up with a free download from the Google or Apple app stores. Make and receive calls through the app.

  • Run your work and private life from a single device
  • Single and multi user applications
  • Available through Smart VoIP
  • Ideal for home workers and those with good 4G
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