Is VoIP Cheaper than a Landline?

The landline for many has become an outdated concept with the majority of calls being done on mobile phones. For businesses, however, a personal mobile phone is not a practical means of staying in contact with customers which is where VoIP comes in. Voice over Internet Protocol is a more practical and most importantly, more cost-effective means of communication.

The cost efficiency of a VoIP system is most notably seen in the reduced business phone bill expenses. With this phone system, you no longer need to manage separate bills and service providers for data, mobile and office phones as they are all handled on one data network.

There are also no frustrating 12 to 24-month contracts that most providers demand, instead, you simply pay on a monthly basis and only for what you use. There is no price gouging at peak times of the day or data limits, something most providers will impose without clarification.

There are also savings in that unlike a landline, a VoIP does not require the individual to be in any particular building or even country, everyone has the freedom to answer and make calls from anywhere in the world without any additional charges.

There are also a number of savings to be made that are less apparent during the initial integration of a VoIP but over time will improve your business’s efficiency and productivity.

A prime example of this can be seen in the reduced time employees will spend dealing with customers over the phone. With a VoIP, the auto attendant works to ensure every customer is put through the relevant member of staff, increasing daily office productivity.

Overall, there are many reasons why VoIP is significantly more cost effective for your business than a landline but cost shouldn’t be the only factor if you are considering the switch.

Choosing a reputable VoIP provider like Smart Numbers Ltd will ensure you will never have to worry about hidden costs, network problems, tech updates and will be there 24/7 for any concerns you may have.

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