Advertise your Business with Smart Numbers

We sympathise with modern businesses, as your choices of where and how to advertise are simply vast! Just online alone there are many ways to target your potential customers. Which one is best? How much do you spend? What is the right blend? And so many more questions.

Our team can help monitor where the leads are coming from, how you are managing those enquiries and also advise on potential leads lost. The benefit of outsourced services means we can offer a pragmatic and independent view on the advertising performance to ensure year on year, you are tailoring the advertising investment towards those that generate leads and brand awareness.

Our media agency credentials mean we are able to offer independent advice, pricing and campaign structures with the UK's leading media outlets. We work with Google,, Yellow Pages, Thomson Local, BT, Facebook, Twitter, local and national press.

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Media manager services

Media manager appointmentsOur team of media managers are based around the UK and are best placed to help guide you through the complex area of advertising your business.

Our Media Managers can provide either telephone or face to face consultations and ongoing account management. Their aim is to fully understand your business, the desired results from your advertising and pull together a sensible strategy to achieve your goals.

1. Arrange a visit

Your local Media Manager can call or visit to discuss your needs, give examples of our work and give you a chance to get to know us.

2. Develop a strategy

Work-up a plan of the website and marketing you need and cost various options for you to consider.

3. Launch and measure

If happy, we proof and proceed. We market and measure ranking and performance including all campaign management.

Working with start-ups, small, medium and large scale companies, our extensive portfolio of products and services are designed to help increase your sales opportunities, identify under-performing marketing and add real, measurable value to your business year on year.

We recommend a conversational fact find with clients to ascertain their needs – It may be that a ten-minute chat is all you need to identify the missing piece of the proverbial jigsaw.

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Social media campaigns

Nowadays every business is expected to have a social media presence. Social media can be used to increase brand awareness and to market your products and services.

Let Smart Numbers take the hassle out of setting up your social media so you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business. We can set up your social media accounts across any or all of the major platforms and then create and publish marketing content to your social media pages.

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Social Media Marketing

Promotional videos

If you need a video to promote your business - Smart Numbers can help.

We can create promotional videos that you can post to YouTube and use on your website and social media.

Bruce's Doggy Daycare Promo Video

Coast and Counties Promo Video

The Italian Plumber Promo Video

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Email campaigns

Email campaigns are one of the easiest ways to promote your business to new and existing customers. They provide one of the most direct ways to communicate with your target audience.

We can work with you to develop your email marketing strategy. We create the email campaigns and send them on your behalf. Our opt-in policy ensures high response rates.

Examples of recent email campaigns:

Email marketing campaign examples

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SMS campaign

SMS campaigns

Using SMS to broadcast text messages to your customers is one of the most cost effective ways to grow your business and build customer loyalty. SMS campaigns are great for offers and promotions, reminder notices, season’s greetings and much more!

Smart Numbers can help your business raise brand awareness, optimise your communications and enhance your customer's journey with timely text messages.

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Buying leads and appointments


We can supplement your marketing by generating leads for your products and services within specific geographic regions.

We don’t sell the lead to anyone else so you will not automatically be competing against others in same way that other lead generation companies work.

From £9 per lead

  • Buy quality leads from us
  • We create the leads for you
  • Booked appointments available
  • Target local areas and different search terms
  • Pay per lead
  • Monthly agreements

We will discuss the range of opportunities you are looking for in Southampton or surrounding areas. There is no fee for setting up the service, there is no monthly service charge either, we simply charge you per lead or appointment generated. We’re not doing surveys or cold canvassing either, you can buy business leads in Southampton that are generated from willing and genuine customers who have come to us.

We can service most different types of businesses, however, we prefer to work with small to medium size businesses as the service seems to make a real difference and locally, these are often preferred.

Charges start at £9 per lead generated, however, this can be more depending on the type of lead generated – as an example, appointments are more expensive to buy than calls.

For more information or a quote, give us a call on 0345 0178 179